◆◆ DF329 ◆◆
  High Performance RISC CPU Array
1. Patented Field Programmable Processor Array (FPPA™) Technology
2. Operating modes: 8 processing units FPPATM mode
3. 4Kx16 bits OTP user program memory for 8 FPP units
4. 208 Bytes data RAM for all FPP units
5. 106 powerful instructions
6. All instructions are 1T except indirect memory access, including branch instructions
7. Programmable stack pointer to provide adjustable stack level
8. Direct and indirect addressing modes for data and instructions
9. All data memories are available for use as an index pointer
10. Support security function to protect OTP data
11. Separated IO and memory space to reduce firmware overhead in space exchange
  System Functions
1. Clock sources : internal high RC oscillator (IHRC), internal low RC oscillator (ILRC) and crystal oscillator
2. Internal High RC Oscillator (IHRC) frequency
3. Band-gap circuit to provide 1.20V reference voltage
4. One hardware 16-bit timer
5. One hardware 8-bit timer
6. Up to 11-channel 10-bit resolution ADC with 1-channel for internal band-gap reference voltage
7. One 11-bit hardware PWM generator
8. PWM protection mechanism
9. One 1T hardware multiplier
10. One Hall comparator
11. One general purpose comparator
12. 16 IO pins with 10mA capability and optional pull-high resistor
13. Three levels of VDD voltage detection:4.0V,3.0V,2.0V
14. Eight levels of LVD reset ~ 4.1V,3.6V,3.1V,2.8V,2.5V,2.2V,2.0V,1.8V
15. Selectable four external interrupt pins:PA0 or PA7,PB0 or PB7
16. Support fast wake-up
17. Every IO pin can be configured to enable wake-up function
18. Operating voltage range: 2.2V ~ 5.5V
19. Operating temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C for normal condition, -40°C ~ 105°C for special condition*
20. Operating frequency range: DC ~ 8MHz@VDD≧3.3V; DC ~ 4MHz@VDD≧2.5V; DC ~ 2MHz@VDD≧2.2V 
21. 16-pin SSOP16 package
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