Quality and Environment Policy


Quality Policy
Striving for innovation and pursuit of quality excellence in order to satisfy our customer, expect to meet the needs of market competition. In additional, we commit ourselves to efficiently use the earth's resources and improvements in production technology so as to minimize any environmental impacts, compliance with environmental protection regulations and other related issues. Environmental protection education will be introduced and create sustainable development of enterprise.

Environment Policy
1. Educate all employees to realize the importance of environmental protection.
2. Promote reduction of wasting and focus on 3R 「 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 」.
3. Committed to Green Product design, develop and use low-pollution raw materials.
4. Conform with environmental regulations and customer requirements for prohibited substances.
5. Auditing suppliers and requiring their production processes to fit in environmental laws and regulations.

★Certification of ISO 9001 (click to download)
★Declaration of Minerals Conflict-Free (click to download)
★Green Product declaration (click to download)