◆◆ PMS171B ◆◆
General purpose OTP series
In applications with AC RC step-down power supply or high EFT requirements, the system circuit needs to be modified if necessary to improve the anti-interference capability.
Operating temperature : -40°C ~ 80°C
System Features
1. 1.5KW OTP program memory 
2. 96 Bytes data RAM 
3. Clock sources: internal high RC oscillator, internal low RC oscillator and external crystal oscillator u 
4. Band-gap circuit to provide 1.20V reference voltage 
5. One hardware 16-bit timer 
6. Two hardware 8-bit timers with PWM generator 
7. One hardware comparator
8. Up to 11-channel 8-bit resolution ADC with one channel comes from band gap voltage
9. Provide ADC reference high voltage: external input, internal VDD
10. Eight levels of LVR reset: 4.0V, 3.5V, 3.0V, 2.7V, 2.5V, 2.2V, 2.0V, 1.8V 
11. Max 14 IO pins with optional pull-high resistor, two of them with additional pull-low resistor
12. PB0 provides NMOS and PB7 provides PMOS super large current output (typ. 125mA@VDD=5.0V)
13. Two selectable external interrupt pins by code option
14. Every IO pin can be configured to enable wake-up function
15. For every wake-up enabled IO, two optional wake-up speed are supported: normal and fast 
CPU Features
1. One processing unit operating mode
2. 82 powerful instructions 
3. Most instructions are 1T execution cycle
4. Programmable stack pointer and adjustable stack level 
5. Direct and indirect addressing modes for data access. Data memories are available for use as an index pointer of indirect addressing modeu 
6. IO space and memory space are independent
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PMS171B datasheet 2024-06-18 released v1.05 Download(CN): Download(EN):
Package Information 2023-09-13 released v0.14 Download(CN): Download(EN):
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IDE software 2024-06-12 released v1.01A3 Download(EN):
Program Writer software 2024-06-12 released v1.01A3 Download(EN):
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APN001 Output impedance of ADC analog signal source Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN002 Over voltage protection Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN003 Over voltage protection Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN004 Semi-Automatic writing handler Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN005 Effects of over voltage input to ADC Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN007 Setting up LVR level Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN011 Semi-Automatic writing Handler improve writing stability Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN013 Notification of crystal oscillator Download(CN): Download(EN):