◆◆ PMS152 ◆◆
General purpose OTP series
Not supposed to use in AC RC step-down powered or high EFT requirement applications
Operating temperature : -40°C ~ 85°C
System Features
1 1.25KW OTP program memory 
2 80 Bytes data RAM 
3 One hardware 16-bit timer 
4 One hardware 8-bit timers with 6/7/8-bit PWM generators 
5 One set triple 11-bit SuLED(Super LED) PWM generator and timers 
6 One hardware comparator
7 14 IO pins and optional pull-high resistor 
8 Three different IO driving capability groups to meet different application requirement 
9 Every IO pin can be configured to enable wake-up function 
10 Clock sources: IHRC,ILRC & EOSC(XTAL mode, Reserved) 
11 For every wake-up enabled IO, two optional wake-up speed are supported: normal and fast 
12 Eight levels of LVR: 4.0V, 3.5V, 3.0V, 2.7V, 2.5V, 2.2V, 2.0V, 1.8V
13 Two selective external interrupt pins 
14 Band-gap circuit to provide 1.20V reference voltage 
CPU Features
1 One processing unit operating mode 
2 86 powerful instructions 
3 Most instructions are 1T execution cycle 
4 Programmable stack pointer to provide adjustable stack level 
5 Direct and indirect addressing modes for data access. Data memories are available for use as an index pointer of Indirect addressing mode
6 IO space and memory space are independent
Content Date Version Download
PMS152 datasheet 2023-05-25 released v1.09 Download(CN): Download(EN):
Package Information 2023-09-13 released v0.14 Download(CN): Download(EN):
Content Date Version Download
IDE software 2024-06-12 released v1.01A3 Download(EN):
Program Writer software 2024-06-12 released v1.01A3 Download(EN):
Content Description Download
APN002 Over voltage protection Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN003 Over voltage protection Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN004 Semi-Automatic writing handler Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN007 Setting up LVR level Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN011 Semi-Automatic writing Handler improve writing stability Download(CN): Download(EN):
APN013 Notification of crystal oscillator Download(CN): Download(EN):