◆◆ MF617​​​​​ ◆◆
System Features
1. 3-Phase brushless DC motor with hall IC interface    
2. PWM or voltage control input        
3. FG/RD/ALM/RALN/RXX/RRXX output      
4. Alarm output          
5. Reverse brake control        
6. Software hall angle forward and backward      
7. Close loop or/and open loop control      
8. Current limit and over-current protection      
9. Under voltage lock out protection        
10. Over voltage lock out protection        
11. Soft-start, lock-protect and auto-restart      
12. System protection          
  -Low-voltage detection with reset      
  -Illegal opcode detection with reset      
13. MTP Programming          
  -Support 6-wire factory programming mode      
  -Support 4-wire in-system programming mode    
14. DC Fan Applications        
  -Operating voltage range: 3.5V~6V      
  -Operating temperature range: -40°C~105°C    
15. Ordering/ Package Information      
  -MF617-2J16A: QFN4*4 (16P-0.65pitch)    
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MF617 datasheet 2022-08-10 released v0.01 Download(CN): Download(EN):
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